• Question: I'm sorry if this has been asked before but do you have any tips on draw side views of heads? I can never get the nose and lips to look right! DX - Anonymous
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    i’ve gotten a lot of asks on side views recently SO I’M JUST GONNA TRY AND ANSWER THEM ALL TOGETHER HERE


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This is the actual cover of an actual book in an actual library and it has changed my life forever

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An Open Letter to Aaron Diaz


Dear Aaron Diaz,

Over the past few days we’ve already exchanged some words about this. I reblogged Mary’s comic lampooning your comic (and others like it), expressing my approval of its message. I also subtweeted your work fairly obviously. We are friendly acquaintances and…

In other news, Aaron Diaz is so far up his own ass that his spine is a Klein Bottle

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I’m not opposed to fetish art, it can be neat. But there’s a big caveat:

1. It has be done well.

2. It has to has to be done with a degree of class

What I mean by class is the artist must show some restraint and  restraint and try to make the pic visually appealing to people who don’t have said fetish or aren’t that big into said fetish.

For example, if you like women in tight clothing, you can put that kink into your art but you should also do something else with it like show how the tight garments emphasize the curves of the female form, play with color and and lighting if you’re into latex, but don’t just make it drawn porn. That’ll just alienate most of the people seeing your art save for a very credulous niche.

If you’re an artist, you still have to take your audience into account. You can’t just do straight wish fulfillment because that’ll just turn people off your stuff. Art is as much about other people as it is about the artist expressing themselves. 

I have a great artist to illustrate my point: Allen Jones.

He definitely puts his latex and bdsm fetish into his work, but because he’s an actual professional artist, he does other things to make his art visually appealing and interesting. He plays with color and shape. He does things that draw your attention to the female form. He’s not just putting his fantasies into pictures, he’s making art that can be respected as art even by people who don’t have their pants off when looking at it.

Anyone who can draw, anyone who knows color and anatomy and how to properly exaggerate and play with the human form can do this.

So what the fuck is Deviantart and Furaffinity’s excuse?

(PS. If your fetish is something like guro or pedophilia then you shouldn’t make art about it, you should slit your throat because we as a species do not need gutter slime like you.)


If anyone asks you to explain Tom Preston he’s the Webcomics equivalent of the people in ads who keep fucking up simple tasks.


Aaron Diaz is frustrating to me.

He’s a legit good artist and he could totally make a good webcomic if he wanted he just… gets psycho defensive when you bring up either his panel layout (which is confusing most of the time) or his update schedule.

He’s not like Tom Preston, who is pure and simply a hack with an inflated ego (heehehehehehehe) and entitlement issues out the ass, he has actual skill and potential and it’s almost like he’s holding himself back.

And then he goes and acts a fool on a public site and you feel second-hand embarrassment for him.



Anyone who says Aaron Diaz’s ideas about Marvel and DC’s characters are good is going to hell for lying.

Look at beast’s face. An adult drew that and said “That is good enough. I am happy with how that looks.”

Also why does Magneto have pedophile facial hair?  He doesn’t look menacing, he looks like a LARPer going through a goth phase.

Whoever #2 guy is, he looks like he’s either ripping a very big fart or he’s suffered brain damage. That is a hilarious face.

Also Toad looks like a nervous muppet. He doesn’t really fit with the rest of the characters.

And underneath it, I can’t even say he’s doing this out of love for comics, he’s just going in over his head, saying he can do a better job at comics than actual professionals despite taking months on end to put out one new page.

And he throws tantrums over twitter constantly.

What is it with webcomic authors and going apeshit on twitter?


You know, Shittywebcomics is kind of like Adam Carolla
At first they were funny and they had normal, well-adjusted people following.
Then they started getting less and less funny and their fucked up issues bled into their material

Now they’re both just sad and irrelevant.


Friendly reminder that Ursula V is a great artist and you should go read Digger right the hell now.

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TheCruelSeasons is a technically good artist, but he’s wayyyy too obsessed with vore and it’s really creepy.

Like, if you view his gallery, you almost expect to hear Silent Hill music play in the browser. He puts so much loving detail in little furry people getting digested alive that I have to seriously wonder about him.

It’s not even a kink. A kink sort of implies that you’re not getting off to something fatal. Also, he states in his gallery that this stuff is a ‘non-sexual fetish’ but that smells like bullshit. If he’s not getting off to this then what the hell is going on here? Also, he’s good at drawing feet but again he doesn’t reel in his personal kinks enough and a lot the furry people he draws have huge clown feet as a result.

It’s kind of disappointing because his non-fetish pics are legit visually interesting and well rendered but it’s buried under all the lovingly detailed pictures of people getting eaten.